I'd love to try this, but don't want to go crazy spending money right now. If anyone tried it but didn't love and would be willing to offer a bottle at a lower-than-retail price, I'd be thrilled!

Also have some Deva Heaven in Hair, some Deva Mist R Right, and a Beautiful Curls Shea Tonic I'd be happy to trade.

3b, fine, medium density, normal porosity
Wash: Phytolisse and Shea 10-in-1
Rinse-out: CJ Deep Fix, Phytolisse, Shea 10-in-1
Leave-in: Phytokeratine, CCCCL
Styling: Phyto hair curling stuff or Deva Coconut Supercream (which may turn out to be a HG for me!)