Swap or Gift: 4 bottles V05 Condish

Thread closed.

Last edited by LISA LISA; 11-15-2012 at 06:57 AM.
Well. I guess I'll donate them then. Folks in need need condish too!
hi I sent you an email about these is like to take them off your hands
Hi LalaPop,
I didn't receive the email. I'm happy to send them to you! Try sending me a PM.
I can't this is what it says when I try to

vBulletin Message
LISA LISA has chosen not to
receive private messages or
may not be allowed to
receive private messages.
Therefore you may not send
your message to him/her.
If you are trying to send this
message to multiple
recipients, remove LISA LISA
from the recipient list and
send the message again.
Hmmm. Let me change my settings - sorry I didn't realize I set them that way.
Ok I think it will work now - give it a try.

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