Giving Away Unwanted Hair Products

I have a few hair products that I would like to give away. I do not want to swap, just wanting to clear out a few items. These are the items:


As I Am Smoothing Gel / 100% Unused
Shea Moisture Curling Souffle / 98% Unused
Xtremeline Gel (clear) / 98% Unused

All the products mentioned have been opened, however, barely used. If you are interested please keep in mind that I will not cover shipping and handling fees.
I would love the Shea Moisture! I can pay by PayPal or send a money order.

2b/3a fine, high density, medium porosity
No poo/Co-wash: Tresseme Naturals or Down Under Naturals Hypoallergenic
RO: L'Oreal Evercreme Nourishing Conditioner
LI: just a little of my CO or RO
Stylers: FSG and/or DevaCare Arc AnGel or DevaCurl Light Defining Gel

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