I just feel like I'm going insane.........

My hair is Extremely thin so I can see my scalp especially in the front where I I kind of have this reverse widow's peek going on. I have no life in my hair and everytime i look at it i literally cry. thinking about my hair just consumes my mind because I'm in college where everybody literally has thick, fresh, hair. When I was younger, I had straight super thick hair and from seventh grade on (puberty I imagine) it just went downhill from there. I don't mind curly hair but my hair just looks like disgusting noodles hainging from my head so I straighten it everyday.I think it just keeps getting thinner. Could there be some sort of internal hormonal problem? I also have acne prone skin, patches of very dry skin, and vitiligo if thats any help.
You are not your hair. Your hair doesn't change who you are. I totally understand that thinning hair is very difficult on the self-esteem but it's just the outward appearance. In the end, it doesn't matter.

I recommend going to the doctor and having a full work up. Hair loss can be caused by some health problem. Dieting can also affect your hair. If you don't consume enough protein, your hair thins. Iron deficiency can cause thinning of the hair too and menstruating women are prone to iron deficiency.

I do know that straightening your hair does not help. You're cooking what hair you have left and only causing damage. You need to find a balance
Donít blame you for feeling like this; happens to a lot of others too! I did think straightening your hair in its extremely thin state was very unwise. It would have been better to leave it as it is and go in for damage-control like consulting a doctor and taking his advice. Also try to be cool and not get into a tizzy over your hair. Relaxing and not being too conscious of it will surely help!
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