I have very thin hair on the top, thank you genetics and age. I've always wore my hair shorter with short layers (shortest layer on top just to my eyes). Since finding CG and learning that I have curls I've been growing my hair out to let my curls form. I'm about due for a trim, the thing I'm not sure of is if I should get my top layer trimmed shorter. Currently it is to my mouth and I part my hair on the side to do the famous "comb over". I've always heard that thin hair needs to be short but is it necessarily true? I do have a lot of volume at the root (thank you PT) so it's not like I have a flat top or anything so the length is not weighing it down.

How do others with thin hair on top have their hair cut? I've attached a pic so you know what my hair currently looks like....I've clipped the bangs to the side otherwise they like to get in my eyes(I've also always had bangs all my adult life and currently trying to decide to keep them or let them grow---if it's an option with the thin top hair). I would like the length of my hair to get about 2" longer than in the picture.

Any suggestions for when I go get my hair cut?
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