Massage causing hair loss?

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Hi all,

I found this site recently and began the CG method approx 3 weeks ago. I have noticed that my hair is shinier, more moisturised and easier to manage since then. However, I read a post on here that said its important to really massage/rub the scalp to make sure its clean. Unfortunately I did this with shampoo on my last poo wash and handfuls of hair fell out from where I rubbed my scalp (i.e. from one spot!). I read that massaging oils into the scalp should be good for hair growth so I massaged coconut and almond oil into my scalp and left overnight. The next day I had a shower and combed my hair and 80 hairs fell out! It also looked like a clump of hairs fell out, though there is no bald spot on my head. My hair is noticeably thinner now and Im really worried and upset. Im going to try to go to a dermatologist about this now, but Im wondering if the massaging could be to blame? I didnt massage hard. I was gentle and only used the pads of my fingers.

Im really depressed about this now. Has anybody experienced or heard of something similar happening?

Massaging the scalp should boost up the blood circulation and aid therefore hair growth. I can only think that the hair you lost were about to fall out anyway soon... We loose normally about 100 strands everyday. Sometimes less, sometimes more. I've noticed more shedding when stimulating the scalp but I always thought of it being normal.

Have you combed/brushed your hair less after going CG or have you had an updo/protective style for a few days? In this case you would loose the strands all at once you would for have normally lost during this period of time. Sometimes people panic when they loose more hair when they wash their hair after for ex. twists.

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Massaging does not cause hair loss. Those were going to fall anyway. If you aren't gentle with your massaging then breakage can occur, which on the floor looks like hair loss.

Massaging doesn't cause new hair growth for those who are thinning but it's not bad for you either.
too much massaging may definitly cause a strict hair loss to and may also week up the routes of hair follicles
Hi there!

I thought i posted already but I can't find my post. Anyway, I've been cowashing for 4 months and it has thinned out my hair very noticeably. I think it may have something to do w/ the manual friction of cowashing combined with the softening of the roots from the conditioner. But it could be other things as well, like my scalp not agreeing with a particular ingredient in the cowash I've been using. I think the thinning is caused by excess shedding. I stopped cowashing and have been low-pooing and already I'm seeing SIGNIFICANTLY less shedding in the shower.

I can't offer a lot of advice as I newly realized how much it has thinned my hair, and I'm also trying to figure out myself. But I feel ya.

This is my thread:

You might want to look into this also>

Excessive Shedding: Could Co-Washing Be the Culprit? | hairscapades
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Hey guys,

So I trimmed my hair a little to short. So I decided to buy JBCO mixed with Jojoba oil. I have been massaging it into my scalp 3xs a week. While massaging I would notice a lot of hair falling. Im definetely noticing hair thinning. I use Giovanni Tea Tree Shampoo. Im thinking its the massages that's causing my hair lose. Im so confused. My hair feels so soft and shiny but I've noticed Im losing my baby hairs in the front. Please help.. Im so upset and worried.
Most hair stylists/shampooers do very vigorous scalp massages when washing hair in a salon, so I wouldn't think that massaging would cause hair loss or they wouldn't do it. Now if you are scratching the scalp with fingernails or really pulling at the hair, then yes, that would cause some hair loss.
Maybe it's more an issue of an ingredient the hair doesn't like or a health issue?
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You won't have thinner hair from one good massage, so stylists can do it without problem because it won't have long-term repercussions. But if you're massaging very vigorously over an extended period of time (months) as you would in a co-washing regimen you could experience hair loss. I think it also has to do w/ overconditioned hair follicles... so it's the massages combined w/ the softened follicles.
To the OP, have you visited the derm? If so, what did they say?

It's very important to anyone who experiences thinning hair (especially acute, as in within 6 or 4 months) to visit a derm right away. Whatever the problem can be....whether it is hormonal, related to stress, diet, a change in health or something you are doing to your hair (products, manipulation etc) a derm will help you narrow it down and may be able to prescribe a solution. Self-diagnosing can actually be more damaging. Putting off getting a professional opinion can be harmful as your hair may continue to thin and your health (if problem is health related) may worsen. Please visit your MD for a checkup and do so in a timely manner!
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I don't Think massaging causes hair loss. But if you massage vigorously then you might loose hair. Massage your hair with warm oil. You can see a great difference in your hair texture.
I don't Think massaging causes hair loss. But if you massage vigorously then you might loose hair. Massage your hair with warm oil. You can see a great difference in your hair texture.
Originally Posted by tanushi
I thought that if you expose your hair and scalp to too much warmth, then you are more likely to lose hair? Also, is there a specific oil that is needed? I tried virgin coconut oil, but I don't really see much change. I've been trying it for one week now.

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