Hair thinning due to improper detangling

So I've been detangling my hair in the shower with conditioner with comb for a while now and I noticed that I would end up with tons of hair I my comb, I thought it was no big deal until recently I noticed my hair was thinning out to the point wear I can see my scalp... My fullness is gone and I feel insecure about the bald spots, how can I get my hair to grow back?
For you to have bald spots and thinning then you must be really rough with your hair e.g. pulling it out.

First stop using a comb everyday and use your fingers to detangle. Start detangling from the ends up to the roots. You need to get a wide tooth comb and limit comb use to a maximum of once a week. - And yes it will feel weird at first.

Secondly if you dye your hair stop.

Thirdly go see a doctor and get checked out. Lots of thinning is due to hormone and/or vitamin/mineral deficiencies. Plus some people when anxious or stressed pull their hair out. You need to tell the doctor all your symptoms however minor or stupid you think they are to see if there is an underlying cause.

Then you need to look at your diet and make sure it's a healthy one with low sugar that includes no fructose and as few processed foods as possible. (Google "Harvard University healthy eating pyramid" to see what you should be eating.) You also need to look at your sleep patterns and make sure you get enough sleep.

All this is not a quick fix simply because it takes a couple of months a best for you to see hair start to grow back.

I could tell you to take loads of supplements but unless you have a known deficiency at best you are throwing your money down the toilet, and at worse you could be causing a health problem.

Also massaging with oils or any other potion has no proof that it works. Some people report hair growth but are doing other things as well or their hair has simply started to grow back after the trauma that caused it's loss. While other people report increased hair loss with massage.

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