Hair thinning due to female pattern baldness - suggestions

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I have thinning hair due to female pattern baldness and are under the care of a dermatologist.

I am taking spiralactone (going up to 75mg) and am waiting to see if it helps - also had a lot of stress lately which I am sure doesn't help. I have tried Regaine already and it worked for a while and then it stopped working and I got some psoriasis on the scalp.

The derm said the hair won't grow back and it is really hard to deal with that. I am taking some evening primrose oil etc to see if that helps.

Does anyone have suggestions as to products to use as my curl isn't so curly due to no weight in it.

I am trying volumising foam and collagen sprays.

I live in Australia so I am not sure that everything is available here but I would love to hear what people are using that works!
I can so relate to your post, even down to being in Australia! No help though, sadly. My hair's been thin for quite some time now but I only recently went to see a dermatologist (October). She basically said there was little to be done about it but gave me a script for Spironalactone and told me to try Minoxidil. I duly got both but they're gathering dust in the drawer as I came home and did some reading and decided not to bother - I seemed to find more negative comments than positive ones. So, for now, I'm really doing nothing. I'd had some bloods done last August and had really low iron levels so was hoping once the levels came up that things might improve but nothing so far (my iron is now the low end of normal). I've been taking EPO for years for my skin and that's not done anything for my hair that I can see, tried Jamaican black castor oil - nothing and hair supplements - nothing. I'm pretty much resigned to this being my lot, it's very depressing.
I don't use any particular products to help with volume, so no help there either.
Apologies for the less than cheery post.
3b in South Australia.
That's ok - it is not a cheery subject.
I am taking supplements too but nothing much happening there. I did find the regaine good when I was on it - after a couple of months the hair stopped falling out and I felt my hair regrowing but now it is back to its horrible self and as you probably know, styling is the pits as I was so used to not styling at all!
I heard about fenugreek to grow hair - might try that.
I think there is research with Latisse on the way ( grows eyelashes) but I don't know if they use it here. Dermatologists are so conservative
How long did you use the Regaine for? The thing that got me about it, and the spironalactone, was that you have to take them forever and if you stop any new regrowth disappears again. I didn't feel comfortable doing that, though I guess one day the discomfort of my scalp being on display may well outweigh my discomfort of being on medication permanently for something that isn't life-threatening.
3b in South Australia.
I've had good luck with Rogaine (but I buy the generic Minoxidil because it costs less).

My derm said buy the men's foam because it is much easier to apply and use it only ONCE a day. That way we are getting the right amount for women since the men's is twice the strength of the women's.

It's very easy, just squirt some out and rub onto the areas that are thinning. I use it on my hairline and in the back spot where I first noticed thinning. I use it at night before I sleep but I wait 5-10 minutes after applying to let it dry.

I haven't had any side effects and it seems to be working fine. My aunt, father and grandmother all went bald so I'm very glad for the minox. Please let us know how you are doing. Good luck!!!
2/c and some 3A. Modified CG.
Protein sensitive
Highly porous. Color over grey.
Best 1st day method: Super Soaker
Conditioners: Curl Junkie Beauticurls Strengthening Conditioner,
Deep condish: Curl Junkie Curl Rehab
Stylers: Mix Curls in a Bottle into everything for shine. Terrible pj
Sometimes try roller sets - classic glamor but I prefer my curls.
Every day is a gift
curlypearl - do you then wash in the mornings? I think I had it in my head that I would have to use it after I'd done my hair in the morning and leave it on all day and reapply the next morning - so it would be there all the time, if you see what I mean. I actually never thought of using it overnight and that being enough. Hope you get what I mean! I never even read the instructions when I bought it, maybe I should.
3b in South Australia.
I took it for about 10 months and it started to work about about 2. you sometimes get a bit of hair coming out first.
I did the same as curlypearl and used it at night. Wasn't a problem the next day
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I've heard about the possibility of losing a little hair when you start using it - another reason I'm wary of using it. I also have psoriasis on my scalp anyway, which I've only recently got some control over so I'm worried about that flaring up too.
3b in South Australia.
Have you ever heard of using Shapleys MTG oil? It is a product created for horses, but the same company has the same product (same formula+fragrance to make it more likeable for human use) available for humans. Let me go get the link to it on Amazon - there are lots of reviews from people with alopecia and even some photos of hair regrowth after using the product.

I have some on the way (live in Mexico) to me now, Im experiencing hair loss due to epo Provera (off now, for 2 months!) , sebborheic derma****, and stress/diet. I eliminated dairy recently and feel a lot less itchy (from the SD). All in all the oast year I have seen a 50% reduction in hair volume, so am getting really worried that it is starting to be obvious to others. Its a good thing that i had so much to begin with, but I am still super upset about it.

Anyway, my MTG oil wont get here for a couple weeks, will update this thread in a month or so with some first thoughts. Back with links.
All bets off on finding the perfect products for the curls - focusing on regrowing (50%) hair loss due to
A) Depo Provera (injectable birth control)
B) seborrheic dermatitis
C) stress/diet
Starmie, I'm sorry I missed your post in this thread. I just haven't looked in a while.

I use the Minoxidil foam at night. It dries in about 10 minutes. The men's foam is much easier to use than the women's preparation which is a liquid. You just use it overnight. It worked for me!

How is it going with you?

Hope you are getting results.
2/c and some 3A. Modified CG.
Protein sensitive
Highly porous. Color over grey.
Best 1st day method: Super Soaker
Conditioners: Curl Junkie Beauticurls Strengthening Conditioner,
Deep condish: Curl Junkie Curl Rehab
Stylers: Mix Curls in a Bottle into everything for shine. Terrible pj
Sometimes try roller sets - classic glamor but I prefer my curls.
Every day is a gift
Ah, it's ok, I often forget I've even posted in threads and don't revisit!

I haven't tried anything yet, still too chicken I'm sad to say! I bought the women's formula, which I presume is the liquid, it was just what the derm. told me to get, I don't think I looked at anything else. Wonder why they don't make foam for women? Maybe I'll do a bit more reading and see about actually using the stuff, I was hoping that my increased iron levels would maybe have a beneficial effect on my hair, but it seems not, maybe I'll bite the bullet and give it a go. At least the hair loss doesn't seem to ever get any worse, it looks pretty much the same now as it did when I first noticed it.
3b in South Australia.
3b in South Australia.

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I've been battling this for 8 years now. Thankfully due to the body I have from wavy/poofy hair, it's not terribly apparent yet, though I do have to place some hair strategically or a little scalp will show.

There is no cure. Rogaine use for 1 year made it go faster. I've spent thousands on try this and that over the years. Now I'm down to I can't stop it or slow it down much.

What I use now just to get the most volume are shampoo bars, like from chagrin valley. You can get samples and see if any work for you. It's quite different than liquids but you can use citric acid/acv rinse to help get the residue out. I haven't found anything as good for pure volume as shampoo bars.

I have been experimenting lately for a couple weeks now with aleppo soap on my scalp. It's from syria and if you don't have problematic scalp otherwise, you can get the lower percentage of laurel. It's pure laurel and olive oil soap. I've been noticing that less hair is coming out in the shower, so I'm going to keep with this. I have seborrheic dermatitis so I get the 40% laurel bar to help me with this.
Hi everyone, my first post here. I am also in the sad position of struggling with hair loss, and have been diagnosed with female pattern baldness at the age of 38. I am using Rogaine foam once a day and am also taking finasteride (Propecia) as recommended by my dermatologist. I am not really finding any help with either as my hair is continuing to thin, which is really upsetting me. I have also tried a number of supplements.

Mooshville, the aleppo soap sounds interesting, is it still helping with your hair loss when you wash your hair?

It would be nice to keep this thread going as a support for us all.
Medal, sorry you're going through this too, it's miserable isn't it? How long have you been using the Rogaine? I still can't bring myself to use it, I actually got the info leaflet out of the box today and had a read, not that there was much info there. I'm just scared that I'll be one of those who get more hair loss when they start using it and I'm not sure I can deal with that.
3b in South Australia.
Hi Starmie,

I have been using Rogaine for around a year, started with the liquid, then moved to the foam which is much better cosmetically as it doesn't make my hair look greasy (and even thinner!). I am not sure if I can recommend it though as I haven't had any success with it really. I do have some regrowth, but its not a huge amount and my hair is continuing to shed (it hasn't helped with that at all).

Plus I am scared to stop it now incase I get more hair loss, which I really don't need!

It is miserable, I long for my hair of 2 years ago back.

In your case, it is good that your hair loss isn't getting worse. Have you tried massaging with essential oils in a carrier oil? Do you lose a lot of hair daily like I seem to? Perhaps you need to give your iron supplements a bit longer to help with your hair?
I haven't tried essential oils, did have a go with Jamaican castor oil which was hopeless. I am going to keep going with the iron, I had my levels checked again last week but haven't had the results yet. I've never noticed loads of hair coming out, it seems to have been an insidious thing.
3b in South Australia.
Fingers crossed your levels are improving, and your hair will follow too. The spiro could possibly be worth a try? I think I may try that next if I am not getting any success with finasteride. I understand your reasons for putting it off though, it may have some side effects. I worried and worried about starting both Rogaine and finasteride but figured out my hair loss was worrying me non stop anyway and I really had to try and do something about it.
I had a bad day yesterday, at work I took my hair out of its ponytail and finger combed it through and ended up with what seemed like a huge pile of strands of hair, it just kept coming and coming And I had washed it the day before (and lost loads then too). I am so depressed with it all. I am sure the stress of it doesn't help either!
I'm sorry that happened, it really gets you down doesn't it?I wear mine in a ponytail to work and never take it out while I'm there. For me though, it's more about not knowing whether I'll have covered all the thin spots when I put it back up again (I always check with two mirrors before I leave the house!). I never actually seem to lose that many hairs, I don't know where or when the loss happens/happened. Still having no joy with the meds then? I still can't bring myself to take anything.
The other day I tried a different way of styling to get more root curl, it worked really well but I found I couldn't cover the thin spots properly as I usually use a fine-tooth comb to bring it all together and the extra curl meant I couldn't do it. So frustrating.
3b in South Australia.

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