I got layers in my hair and my hair looks way thinner?

So I got my hair cut above my collar bone and added in layers (the layers are short). Hearing that layers would make my hair look thicker, I got them and it was a huge mistake! My hair looks way thinner than ever!!! Has this ever happened to anyone else? Are layers just not for some people?
I think it really depends on your hair and what the properties are. I have had my hair the same length with layers and I felt almost bald sometimes! Clumping was a no-go because parts of my scalp would show through! My hair is fine in texture and I would say medium density, but depending on the weather and styling it can look super thin or fuller. I also had an unfortunate incident where a stylist razored my hair without my knowing and it caused havoc with my hair.

Not a lot of advice but just a thought
Yes!! Pretty much the story of my life.

When was younger, short layered cuts were all I knew. Stylists always told me my hair was too thin and fine to grow longer than shoulder length..

I had NO IDEA that my hair could grow out long, or that the overall thickness of my hair was truly normal. Because of all the layers, I honestly believed my hair was super thin.

It's super fine, a lot of it cobweb/spiderweb fine that just kinda floats, but the overall quantity of my hair is perfectly okay. I do need to be careful of physical damage from things like hair ties, barrettes and combs, repeated stress in the same spot over and over (from wearing a too tight updo style, for example) will make my length thin out.

When I was about 40 I decided to ignore everyone else's perennial advice and grow out my hair from a pixie to see how long it would get. Eventually (finally!) I got all those layers grown out and my braid is of a reasonable thickness, not the super wimpy thin thing it used to be.

It does kind of make me mad that so many stylists cut in layers, when that's the one thing I don't need.

(I recently trimmed back to about elbow length, from about almost fingertip, with some very long layers. I like this look quite a lot, but don't plan to get trims more than a few times a year, and only by someone I trust. )
wavy, baby fine elbow-length hair, airdry only, brush/comb only when dry.
Cleanser: moisturizing shampoo, lately Jessicurl Gentle Lather
Conditioner: something moisturising, lately Jessicurl Aloeba
Styling: George Michael/Madora styling products
I only ever have a few layers in the bottom couple of inches of my hair, just enough to give it some shape and style, any more than that and it looks way too thin.
3b in South Australia.

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