Bantu Knot Out Maintenance

Hey there...Well, my bantu knot out was rocking until the next morning LOL! It was a hot mess.

I actually got pissed off because I actually sat under the dryer to get the style, and it frizzed up something HORRIBLE Even my hubby said it was a hot mess!

How do you sleep in the bantu knot out or even the braid out and it look great the next day (OK, not great, but really good)? Do I have to re-do the entire style by dampening the hair, etc.?

Thanks for the help in advance.
I've never been able to wear a bantu knotout...out. For me it would be a great preparation for an updo because it adds a curvy texture to my hair.

For twistouts (I do dry twists) they don't last more than 2 days, but I have to loosely bind my hair at night and sleep on a silk pillowcase. I tie a narrow scarf or silk headband around my hairline and put my hair is a very loose puff with a scunci.
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I recently did a two strand bantu knot out and what I did was twist and bantu knot my hair again at night. I just don't like leaving my hair out and wearing a bonnet; I hate the results in the morning with the curls mushed and possible no form. I've worn my hair this way since tuesday and my hair has looked good.
I sleep in a satin bonnet for braid or twist outs. My hair is a bit smashed in the morning but I bend over and sort of fluff my hair at the roots with my fingers and it brings it back to life. I can generally keep the style looking really nice for 4-5 days.
I usually do mine over every night. But I don't completely wet it all over again. I just moisturized each section as I went. Since I would only do about nine or ten knots it never took ne that long.
I have been having the same problem! I thought it was because I have porous hair but it's just the style,so I have been either redoing the initial style more Bantu knots just not as tight and then wearing a scarf at night it is best to just redo the whole style not from scratch but sometimes just giving your hair a reminder of the shape you wanted.

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