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I am new to this decided to go natural ever since I had my baby my hair has been falling out and wanna know the best products that will help my hair stop shedding so much

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It'll stop on its own. It's just the hormones. The same thing happened to me when I had my little boy. Hair goes through "resting" period in which is just grows and then a "shedding" period in which some hairs are lost and new ones take their place. When you are pregnant the resting period is longer (that's why you probably have a lot of growth from your pregnancy). After you have the baby hormones change and your hair goes from the resting phase to the shedding. It seems really freaky to lose all that hair but it's totally normal. I shed so much hair that I got two bold spots in the front. Weeks after though, new hairs started growing in that area.
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Thank you for the information

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