HELP I have too much new growth!

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[QUOTE=peyrhy;1826009]I too agree that we should respect each other and our freedom to post, wonder, ask, read, comment, transition, perm, etc....I am 100% natural, but I too have had questions that some may deem basic, but they were important to me! We are here to help one another, so let's!

To the original poster, don't be discouraged to ask your questions, I just think she was trying to tell u that there is a thread for that because the members there may be of more assistance. What works on natural hair may be a disaster for relaxed hair.

Just my 2 cents, I'm no Dr.Phil or Oprah lol

This. TOTALLY MY POINT. Now I'm Moving On and I'm glad someone got it w/out me having to explain it. Lol.
Hair Type: A head full of THICK, normal porosity curls/coils that I am TOTALLY in LUV with!
(Transitioned for 16 & 1/2 months)

Loving: MC LI Condish, Raw shea butter, Coconut & Grapeseed Oil, SM raw shea butter shampoo,HEHH Conditioner, Braggs ACV & Egg, Mayo & EVOO PT's

Thank you so much everyone for the tips! I never considered the shampoo idea and I think I'll pick up a bottle of Aussie after class today. Thank you so much!
Could one of you tell me if this is a glitch or what? I'm on my iPod and it looks like someone replied to me but all I can view is this:

See, there is a time stamp, the username and picture, and date, but no text. There is another one like this on page two by the same poster.

Sorry, I'm just unfamiliar and was wondering what it meant. Thanks
I understand why u asked the question on here. Because I am transitioning and sometimes my hair gets tangled. What I do to help is divide my hair into sections 2 or 4 and shampoo and detangle each section with conditioner. I also use a wide tooth comb to do this. This makes the whole process so much easier! Good luck!
First off, welcome to the forum Msfears, and Dd_NY! I hope you guys continue to learn with us on here

To the OP, I do not have relaxed hair (anymore) but my hair does matte near the name of my neck. I bought a Tangle Teaser from Sally's Beauty Supply for $10. (it looks like It looks kinda scary, but I heard great reviews about it and it was worth the money! I use it in the shower when my hair is soaking wet and loaded with detangling conditioner. It feels great on the scalp as well. GL with your hair journey!
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