Transitioning From Bi-Weekly Flat Iron (No Relaxer)


Over the past couple of months I've been interested in wearing my hair in its natural state, however, my case is a bit different in that I have never had a relaxer in my hair. Rather, my hair has been hot combed and sometimes flat ironed usually every two weeks.

I have no idea if I have heat damage or not because whenever I wash my hair, the crown of my hair as well as the back turns out very frizzy and dry while the front and sides of my hair come out somewhat curly and/or wavy.

I have attached a few images of my hair directly after a co-wash, no product added afterwards. I'm pretty sure I have high porosity because the back and crown of my hair ended up drying up rather quickly. What I'm most frustrated with is its seemingly unwillingness to curl.

At this point, I feel like I can't do much of anything with my hair because it seems as if there are various textures in my hair. Right now I'm not sure if I'm a 3C, 4A, or something else.

I'm guessing I need a lot of moisturizer as well.

Any suggestions would be really appreciated! I'm beyond confused and frustrated at this point.
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Transitioning From Bi-Weekly Flat Iron (No Relaxer)-frizzwet.jpg   Transitioning From Bi-Weekly Flat Iron (No Relaxer)-frizzwet2.jpg   Transitioning From Bi-Weekly Flat Iron (No Relaxer)-hairtype.jpg   Transitioning From Bi-Weekly Flat Iron (No Relaxer)-nodefinition2.jpg  
based off the pictures and what you said about having various textures in your hair and the unwillingness of some parts of your hair to curl its definitely obvious that you have heat damage. stop using heat on your hair for a while. also if you want to get a more uniform curl pattern going on all throughout your hair try using flexi rods on damp hair and leaving it over night. there is a good video on youtube some girl named ericabelle89 has a tutorial on the flexirods. you can get the flexirods at sallys for like 8 bucks.

as for products, an amazing deep condish that i use is aubrey organics honeysuckle rose it really helps if you have dry brittle hair. and use sulfate free shampoos that makes a world of a difference i really like essential oils moisturizing shampoo
Thanks for the response! I'll look into flexi rods. I was also seriously considering buying the Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose even before you mentioned it so I think I'll go ahead and try that too.

I've read that heat damage is irreversible so I'm guessing I'll have to have the damaged hair cut off?
yeah the damage is pretty much irreversible so just trim it little by little or alot of it at once whatever you prefer.

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