Post-Chop, mixed head of hair!

Ok so I didn't do a BIG chop but I cut 3 inches off my hair, which wasn't super long to begin with (maybe a little bit past my collar bone). I had the Keratin treatment done last July and could see the new underneath hair was growing out nice and curly, but now I have layers of curls on the underside of my head and a top layer of mostly straight/wavy hair. I really don't want to go any shorter...its just above my collar bone now, but I do not know what to do with it! If I put it in a pony tail the hair that hangs down is really pretty ringlets but the pony-tail hair is straight, dry and looks like straw. I (somewhat jokingly) feel like I just need to chop off the top layer of my hair! If I continue laying off the straightening iron and working on using the curly girl method after I shower (no poo, etc) will the curls gradually come back?

Thanks for any help!
3a curls - trying to get them back after one keratin treatment!
Here's what it looks like...
3a curls - trying to get them back after one keratin treatment!

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