My first post on my brand new natural hair journey......

Hey yall. I have thought long and hard about this and finally decided to give it my best shot. I have relaxed my hair for most part of my teenage years into adulthood and dont really remember what my curls look like. As you see in my avatar picture it is dry, lifeless with split ends and breakage. All i remember as a child is strong curls, very fine thin strands and lots of hair which i am now yearning for. My daughter is 12 and has her natural curls of which i am only learning to take care of now after reading so many tips from all of you which are much appreciated. I did her first set of bantu knots last night after a shampoo and deep condition followed by a firmhold creme and olive oil on each section. This will be my new hair regime too. I did my last relaxer on 4th of feb, which i terribly regreted. I now have twist micro braids as i am hoping for some growth. I hope you will help me along with my journey to natural hair with all your advice, by the way i think i am a 3c hair type, i cant wait to embrace my natural curls........... I will post pics of my current hairdo so i can remember where i started from. Xoxoxo
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Great post. wish you well on your journey!!

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