How to wear layered 3b hair while growing it out?

I just got a layered haircut, thinking it would thin out my thick curls and make it look better.... but it made it really voluminous and poufy, and now the layers on the edges of my face and on the top of my head are about 3 inches long and stick out every time I wear my hair down.
I know I need to wait for the layers to grow out (and I am not going to enjoy that much), but I have no idea how to wear it. I've already tried a bun and half up half down, etc.

What about a hair band to push the hair back a bit? I did that for a while and yes, it did make it stick out a bit but it was away from my face and I didn't feel like a poodle. Have you tried checking youtube for curly styles? There's usually some good videos on there.
I am in the same boat as you :/
What works for me is two high buns (but I look like Minnie Mouse), a bun and pin everything that doesn't fit into the bun, back...and that's pretty much it, other than pigtails and a ponytail and pinning the rest back. I haven't come across anything else yet...

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