Is it possible for me to do the BC myself?

I was supposed to get the big chop done today, but I chickened out and I already regret it. I just got my hair washed, conditioned and straightened.
I'm about to move back to my hometown for college and I don't know anyone who can do it. Most people there only have experience with relaxed hair. I'm going to try and find someone in my small hometown, but I wanted to know if I can do it myself or get my sister to do it if I can't find someone to do it professionally.
I can tell the difference between the natural and relaxed hair textures.
I've been transitioning since July 31, 2011 and I am so ready for the BC!
I don't know why I chickened out, but I am ready right now.

Of course u can! Look at vids on youtube about it
You can do it yourself. I would just have your sister help you with the sections in the back that are harder to see. As far along as you are now you should be able to see where the two sections meet. HTH

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