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Default transitioning from relaxer and BKT and coloring

Hi everyone! i am new to t forum and want to say thanks in advance for reading this post. I am a 2c-3c. I have always had dry hair from dying my hair and not getting any trims. Back at the end of 2010, i was used as a hair model for a "damage free"relaxer...WHAT A LIE!!! my hair was fried! Not knowing what to do i did two things, colored my hair black and did a BKT treatment. Well, those two things did wonders for my hair. I have had about 4 or 5 BKTs since the first. About 3 months ago, i decided that i need to lighten my hair and become a redhead. well, after dying my hair practically once a week (I am obsessive when i get ideas in my head) and getting to a red shade i liked, i began to henna my hair. It was awesome. It was healthy, straight and healthy... Well, i decided to try henna with indigo and it was SOOO dark. I have lighten my hair with bleach, color oops and dye. Now, i have these horrid black ends with medium brown roots, half dead straight and half frizzy curly hair. it is horrible. It frizzes like i have never seen and my bangs are dead straight and so are my temple areas. I want to do the BIG CHOP but my face is so round and my hubby hates short hair. I dont know what to do with this hair. Should i just BKT it again and just suck it up or should i just let it grow out? If i cut the bad parts, my hair will look as if i have a mullet.... HELP! some low maintenance ideas would help. Blessings everyone!
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