New to!!

I am completely new to the transitioning to natural hair. My last relaxer was in January 2013. I have already done the big chop but just now need help on how to maintain healthy, moisturized, curly hair. Maybe some product suggestions or tips please. I'm very new to this but im going to keep on going for my natural hair.
I would suggest using the loc method to seal in moisture. Liquid: water & leave in conditioner. Oil: coconut or olive oil, or the Shea moisture curl smoothie to seal your ends. Also, you can apply coconut and/or olive oil to your hair at night & put on a plastic cap before bed. Your hair will be soft & fluffy when you wake up. (Just apply the smoothie to the ends of your hair in small sections) Cream: you can try the Shea moisture curl milk. Then find a gel that has ingredients that will penetrate the hair such as: panthenol, coconut oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, & hydrolysis wheat protein. Also find conditioners that have those ingredients in them. Clarify your hair with a clarifying shampoo once a month & cowash the rest of the month. Deep condition twice a month especially after you clarify. Hope this helps.
You're welcome. Enjoy your natural hair journey. 👏
I really love this website because I've learned so much by reading what others do. While I know it may or may not work for me, it's worth a shot especially if its a cheap suggestion.

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