This good growth for 7 months?

How much would you say this is? Been transitioning for 7 months now! I just want it to be over soon as possible.

Obviously the blonde is my natural growth, I'm not good with inches so I'm
Unsure how many inches I have now. Thanks This good growth for 7 months?-imageuploadedbycurltalk1405277546.894920.jpg
Hi, didn't want you to think you were ignored it looks like your hair is shiny and healthy, but I don't have a whole lot of experience (5 months from relaxers, 3 from heat damage here). I'm not sure on inches how long it is, but I'd assume around 7 inches if you're getting a full inch per month.
Oh my hairs still quite unhealthy. I have taken such good care of it since my relaxer mishap in jan. My hair was breaking off and falling out so I hacked it all off lol I have about a million different layers and it looks so bad down but I'm not really bothered, I wear it in a bun all the time anyway I just want it to grow back. I only have a little bit of curl pattern still as I think the relaxer is weighing it down!!! My hair was severely heat damaged too lol

What made you want to transition
Ah, I get you. I'm on a computer now and it's much clearer instead of on my phone. I know how you feel, I have two chunks in my hair that are 2C wavy because of relaxer and heat damage. I would think between the weight, and any damage from not taking care of it properly even while growing would make it curl less.

Personally I wanted to transition because I am just so sick of all the time I spent blow drying, flat ironing, relaxing, etc. I'm more of a "lazy natural" as it's either in a bun or wash and go, it won't stay in twists or braids without a million ties and bobby pins. I've transitioned before but I took AWFUL care of my hair--I was just told to do the same things all my straight-haired friends did and brush it all the time, wash it twice a day with shampoo--so I was a frizzball and found it easier to relax it again.

What made you want to transition? Also, I still think you have some pretty decent growth
I am also a lazy natural which made it easier to just relax my hair, I relaxed my hair so it was easier to manage. Oh hell no! When I first relaxed it I couldn't even go out of the house ha ha!! I've not straightened it months. I only blow dry it on lowest setting and when I'm going out and I have to be there QuickTime as y hair takes about 3 hours to dry completely!!

I chose to transition because, my hair was very very very VERY damaged, from dying and straightening, I literally had no way out my hair was like cardboard.

I obviously regret ruining my hair BUT if I didn't ruin it with relaxer id still be damaging it now so in a way, I'm happy I did it because now I truly appreciate my hair. I'm hoping my hair has grown out by November, as it's my 21st then and I don't want to have to go out with horrible hair!!!

How long are you wanting to transition for? Have you got a goal?!
I think a big part of me accepting my transition this time is I'm also really accepting of myself. As lame as that sounds, I've found a lot of truth in people saying when you transition you have to learn yourself and it's an emotional process.

I think I am going to transition for at least a year, depending on how long the natural growth is at that point I'll cut it then. I would like it to be long enough (if barely) to put into a pony tail/pin back before I cut everything. I've cut off the deadened ends that were fried from heat but not all of the relaxed part.
As stupid as it sounds, I've been taking perental vitamins and it's helped with my growth, it's worth a go (if your egar to get things going a long quicker.
Definitely not crazy, I have a slough of medical issues so I take a lot of vitamins. It seems to help a lot, but since my hair never relaxed fully straight, it's very hard for me to tell exactly where each curls line of demarcation is. I am temped to Bc but because of that I am going to wait for it to be clearer

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