New transitioner feeling discouraged and out of Options

So I've been transitioning for a few months. I've been moisturizimg and sealingy hair. But I'm a little confusedin how to keep by hair from knotting up and unmanageable after it drys from wash day? Any tips?
If you have any damage in your hair, especially on the ends, it's going to get knotted up. Even the healthiest of curly hair will get tangled, it's just the nature of the beast. I'd recommend before you wash, take a conditioner with good slip and detangle your hair first. Start at the ends and work your way gently to the roots. Then wash and do your routine.
2c-3a - med-coarse - normal-high porosity - high density

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I think some people get discouraged because they think when they decide to transition it's not going to be that difficult when for the majority of people of it FREAKING SUCKS. That's why so many people once they hit a rough patch they are ready to relax or big chop. But I think if you go into it expecting it to be a bumpy ride but with your mind focused on the end result your mental attitude and fortitude will be better.

The best way to deal with tangles is to figure out what causes YOUR hair to tangle most and limit that. The line of demarcation is weak and breakage prone. My hair matted twice while I was transitioning and I think it was a mistake of using a sulfate shampoo and washing my hair as one loose unit as I had relaxed. Even now as a fully natural, shampoo except ABS makes my hair tangle prone. I will finger detangle my dryhair with EVOO and do a hot oil prepoo.. I will section my hair in clips and use a poo bar or dilited shampoo in an applicator bottle at the roots not disturbing the rest of the hair. Rinse. The shampoo will rinse down itself over the hair. When I do rinse outs cowashes I do section at atime of wash detangle twist and reclip section. Letting my very wet hair dry unstretched is more tangly. If you need to let a good slip conditioner sit awhile to soften your hair before you start detangling. Naptural85 has very good shower detangling videos. Also imo it helps to get good haircuts periodically as you go along because rough scraggly ends will tangle more and also the ratio of relaxed to natural becomes less relaxed more natural..
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.
oil oil oil is your best friend(especially jojoba oil)

just add oil and the knots slip out like butter

At least that is how it is for me, and I have long 4b/4c hair.

I didn't even know oil was that great (since i Almost ALWAYS protective styled ) until a year ago.

Also I understand the struggle. When I decided to stop protective styling and really deal with my hair it was a struggle, I wanted to go right back to braiding or twisting my hair and that was it. But I wanted different styles, without breakage, that is when I discovered OILS, it took a while to find the right oil and get the hang of it(mostly just looking at youtube naturals and reading blogs of naturals

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