Transitioning with senegalese twists?

I have decided that I want to transition for a year and then do the big chop. However, I was wondering if it would be a good or bad thing to transition using senegalese twists. I find that I really love that style and it would be easier to do rather that trying to constantly manipulate two different textures.(It would also be easier seeing as I am starting university this september and it would make transitioning at uni like 10 times better). What I would most likely do is install the twists for a month or two, and then come home to my hairdresser, take it down, have her deep condition it and put my hair back into the twists and do that for the length of my transition (perhaps sometimes putting in crochet braids rather than the twists). Also for reference my hairdresser is very gentle when braiding my hair and never ever braids it too tight. Would this help or hinder the process? Any advice?
I really don't know a whole lot on the subject, as much as I admire the styles I don't think they would suit me *crying in the distance* lol. From what I've read and seen though is that you have to be really careful when doing any protective styling while transitioning to not do further damage. I wore mine in flat twists a lot over the first year of my transition though, and even that alone took a toll on my hair with the manipulation.

Hopefully someone else has more knowledge, but I believe there are some good articles about them here and a lot of videos on YouTube. Good luck to you

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