shampoo horror story.

Soo. I am 5/6 months without a relaxer and my hair is very thick and it gets dirty fast. I used to like shampooing my hair and conditioning my hair twice a week with joico moisture recovery.. Until things went bad. Well not bad.. More like crunchy. A couple of weeks ago I shampooed my hair as usual and suddenly my hair felt like crap it was dry rough and tangled when I rinsed. My hands got stuck in my hair and I experienced so much breakage it was insane. So I quickly conditioned and my hair felt somewhat normal again I was able to detangle and touch my hair again.
So I quickly assumed it was joicos shampoo fault and tried to use my old john Frieda frizz ease and then a cheaper coconut shampoo (suave) smells nice but the same thing happened.
I dunno what to do but it keeps happening so I'm scared to shampoo my hair.. Any suggestions for my nightmare?

Just to add before I used joico moisture recovery I was using joico silk results which was the most amazing shampoo in the world to me until I ran out.
It sounds to me like your hair had a reaction to protein. Is there protein in the products that are causing you a problem?
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It sounds to me like your hair had a reaction to protein. Is there protein in the products that are causing you a problem?
Originally Posted by Therese1
I'm not really sure honestly I never looked at shampoo ingredient labels. I figured since joico was a salon product it would have a balance of everything I needed. Pretty silly I guess.
I think the problem is that all those shampoos have a sulfate as the second ingredient. Sulfates can be very drying to your hair and while your relaxed hair may have tolerated them, natural hair is naturally dry so using shampoos with sulfates in them isn't a good idea. Since you're 5-6 months post, you probably have quite a bit of new growth so I'd recommend opting for sulfate free shampoo and using it only once, not twice a week. If you have to wash your hair in the middle of the week then try co-washing your hair or you could even just stick to co-washing and use a shampoo once a month for a nice, thorough clean to get rid of any buildup.
Not sure what's in those products but Sulfate shampoo on transitionng hair is a BAD idea..Your hair will likely mat up. Sometimes I shampoo twice a week but I make sure the second is a very gentle shampoo. I like bobeam poo bars.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.
Just an update I'm doing much better with a sulfate free shampoo. I started using btz smooth criminal and my hair is much softer. Still breaking a lot because I really need to do the big chop soon but over all I can tell a difference since I switched. I also started co washing deep conditioning and moisturizing more. Thanks for the sulfate free suggestion probably the best advice ever! Thanks guys.
Glad to hear it.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.

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