I have a lot problem and i'am tired

Hi everyone
this is my first comment here i will do my best for you for understand what i wrote i don't talk english perfectly will do my best
Now i'm 1 year post relaxer
I'm tired because of the relaxer hair
my hair is matted when i make my shampoo
i'm afraid of the big chop even if i want do it because 50 percent of my hair is natural and the rest is relaxer
do you think that when i will be in 16 month i will have a lot natural hair ?
I need hairstyle for my hair
what type of hairstyle i can do ?
Can you give me advice for detangle and hydrate my hair
i want have natural hair because when my relaxer grow they broke in the end
and because my hair burned and now i have on my head a part
who don't grow
and because i was relaxer when i 'm 8 year old
My natural hair is cute when i use my spray i can see curl if not i don't have curl can you tell me my hair type?
is a picture when i was to 10 month post relaxer hair
thank you
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I wish I knew enough about your hair type to help you. You might have more luck on the Type 4 hair board.

Good luck and welcome!

You sound like me! I'm pretty new at this too I'm 8 months post relaxer and my hair is breaking off everywhere. You hair still looks very pretty though much better than mine I have parts of my head that's already completely natural. I'm also afraid to big chop.
It's hard to tell how long your hair will be at 16 months. But you can try a multivitamin for hair if you think that would help.
There's always protective styles such as braids or extensions of some sort of you do decide to big chop.
I detangle only in the shower with conditioner I try not to comb it once I'm out the shower. My hair does mat up in the mornings after I sleep on it but water wakes up curls pretty easy.
I am currently trying out co washing with Aussie moist. And shampooing once a week with a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner. Sulfate shampoos are very drying and won't help with breakage.
Coconut oil is really good and makes your hair feel really soft. Shea moisture and carols daughter products are the bomb too you just have to experiment and see what suits you
Oh and about your hair type I honestly can't even tell my own. I don't think that really matters all THAT much everyone hair is different anyway. What matters is learning what works for YOUR hair. Good luck. Hope I help a tiny bit.

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