Best deep conditioner for transition?

Especially now that it is summer time I am desperate to find an amazing deep conditioner since I am transitioning and have many different textures on my head
My natural hair is 4a and I have more relaxed hair now than natural
My relaxed hair gets really dry form the sun...

BC: August 20, 2008
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Fav Products:
Giovanni Direct Leave In
Jessicurl WDT
KBB Hair Milk
Hi jjnellie

Have you tried Jessicurls Weekly Deep Treatment, it did wonders for my dryness and a few other curlies on this board. I don't have that dry brittle feel anymore, I also put a little on the ends at night before I scarf and go to bed, and in the morning its nice and moisturized.

I do a couple of different things with DT's. I rotate a couple of different products. I mostly use Mixed Chicks Deep Conditioner, Pantene's Relaxed & Natural, and Queen Helen cholesterol treatment. I know...lotsa people absolutely DISLIKE Pantene but my hair loves it for some reason.

When I DT, I put the conditioner on 1st. Then I add a tsp of coconut oil & EVOO on top of the conditioner and wear a plastic cap for an hour (sometimes I sleep in it). My hair eats it up and is glorious the next day.
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This not a cheap DT (many good ones aren't) but I have found it adds lovely elasticity to the hair and that's what you need for stretched out relaxed hair - Blended Beauty Herbal Reconditoner. One jar lasts 5-6 treatments.

Another good and cheaper way to conditioner hair (I found) is clay hair mask: Bentonite or Rhassoule clay and water (rosewater's good) mixed with any of the following, alone or combined: honey, pure carrier oil, a few drops of essential oil (rosemary's good), plain yogurt, pureed banana (or baby food banana), a tsp of ACV, coconut milk. Use under a heat cap and rinse extremely thoroughly; Follow with a rinseout conditioner so all the mixture is out of your hair. Enjoy your hair.
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Hear that crash? It's me falling off the CG wagon.
Thanks everyone for the recommendations!
I will def look into all of them
BC: August 20, 2008
Currently growing hair!

Fav Products:
Giovanni Direct Leave In
Jessicurl WDT
KBB Hair Milk
I wish I had found Silicon Mix earlier in my transition because it softens the hair like no bodies business! I use it as a light/medium protein treatment alone or mixed with Miss Keys 10en1 & Emergencia. HTH
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Fav products: Kenra MC, Misskey 10en1, VO5 moisturemilks, ACV rinses, Rhassoul clay & WGO
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When I was transitioning I loved Lustrasilk cholestrol condish. I liked the mango and the sheabutter. It is cheap too, like uner 4 dollars for a large tub. I believe the Shea Butter one is CG. But the others are not.

I didnt go CG until I Bc'd.
CURRENT PRODUCTS: Oyin Honey Hemp, Honey Wash, Burnt Sugar Pomade, Shine and Define, and Whipped Pudding. Also loving HH Hello Hydration and HENNA!

i ordered the jessicurl wdt and i love it! I use it w. a heat cap for 30 min. It makes my new growth so soft and it defines the curls.
BC: August 20, 2008
Currently growing hair!

Fav Products:
Giovanni Direct Leave In
Jessicurl WDT
KBB Hair Milk

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