to cut or not to cut!?

ive got a hair dilemma! my hair is curly/wavy the ends just wont curl anymore they r straight while the rest curls frizzs all thee above! i've been heariing that it may be my relaxer although i havent had one since dec '07 ive sworn them off! but now iam wondering if i have to get the prem cut out? and i know its not dead ends cause i get realigious dead end cuts. i dunno some body explain this to me and where do i go for that?
HI. my last relaxer was dec 29 -07 and i have the same problem. i am starting to get curl underneath and the roots but the end are straight frizz. the only thing to do is get it cut. i have been cutting bits off every month and so far have 6 inches cut off. i have about 3 more to go. your relaxed ends will never go back to curly. it is a pain and every so often i think mabie i should just forget it and get another relaxer, but im doing good and not much left to cut so im hanging in there. you have about the same amount of growth as me it seems, so for now find a cute curly short do. you can always grow it out later.
i guess thats my only choice. aww the thought of getting more cut makes me cringe and just wanna relax or texturize it badly but is it okay to still flatiron it or should i not even do that either?
i know some say not to flat iron,(because of damage) but unless i want to wear one of my fake tony pony buns(my hair is a bit too short for a pony tail on its own, its a little below chin length)i have to flat iron. i certainly cant waer my hair down with outflat ironing because fuzzy straight curly hair isnt very pretty as long as you deep condition and use a heat protectant you should be fine. just not every day. i flat iron about 2 times a week. the other days is my tony ponys which i have gotton so many compements on it makes me laugh.literally 1 minute to do my hair and more people comment on that than my real hair. go figure. hang in there.
i saw a pic in the curl talk gereral forum of one of the members and she has the cutest shorter hair style ive seen. i cant wait for a few more inches to go so i can try that style. sam
I think the only way to fully eliminate your problem is to cut off the relaxed ends. I know you may not want to but trust me your hair will grow back quick. I haven't been fully natural for 2 years yet and my hair is now longer than it was before I got it cut.
okay iam gonna take the plung ladies! omg it really sux to even have to but like you said it grows back and my hair was a growing machine before the relaxers. thank you gals for the advice and ill let you know how it goes.

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