finally natural. BC'd an glad.

Finally over my love affair w the ponytail holder, its taken me about 7 or so cuts to rid myself of my beloved, long, relaxed hair.. i owe all you other BC'ers out there a "thank you" for the inspiration to Just Do It already and to anyone who is waiting, a word: I went thru every transition.. and for the longest time- half relaxed and half natural, ITS NOT WORTH IT!! Honestly, get ur Diva on and rock the BC, best decision i ever made. Theres some pictures (i hope in order) of my hair long.. and then post-BC, straight and curly!
Replies! Please! =]=]=]
Attached Thumbnails
finally natural. BC'd an glad.-n710210132_7673883_63476.jpg   finally natural. BC'd an glad.-4574_201676730132_710210132_6982976_1201101_n.jpg   finally natural. BC'd an glad.-6736_226007195132_710210132_7625777_2004417_n.jpg   finally natural. BC'd an glad.-6736_226006925132_710210132_7625732_5876889_n.jpg  

There is nothing permanent except change.

Very cute hair. What are you using to style it? What's your routine?
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You look GORGEOUS! Congrats on your BC!

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Awww! You look great...congrats

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Conditioner: Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose
Leave-In: Oyin Handmade Hair Dew
Gel: Ecostyler Olive Oil or Pink
Sealants: KBB Creamylicious Shea Butter, KBB Hair Oil

Yup...that's it (for now... )
How long did you transition?
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Last relaxer: August 14, 2008
BC: July 11, 2009
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Congrats! I bet it is very liberating.
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Your natural curls are beautiful!!!
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BC: May. 2010 (30 months)
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Current length: back at APL
Goal length: hip
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Congrats! Your curls are very pretty! How long did you transition??

Last Relaxer: 10/18/2008

Probable BC : 10/10/2010
Congratulations! I love your new cut...the versatility of straight and curly are both beautiful.

Last Relaxer : Nov. 2008
BC: Sept. 5, 2009

CG & Loving it!

Congratulations it looks beautiful!!!!
Last texturizer-9/18/08

my last relaxer was in early december 2008, super short cut was in mid July.

Curly products i use Wen, but i wouldnt suggest it for the $$$.. otherwise curly-- Ion curl solutions and ANYTHING out of the Naturally Curly curl cocktails..

for straight.. usually All Soft Velvet Whip by Redken plus some Ion Shine oil.

Thank you for all the compliments ladies =]

There is nothing permanent except change.
whats the password, doll? i couldnt get thru

There is nothing permanent except change.
Your hair does look great! Wow, congrads!

I love the party pics, lol.....
Last Relaxer: March 26 2009
Mini Chop: January 16 2010
BC: April 4 2010
Transitioned for 1yr 9days!
your bc looks great, what texture is your hair i have that same texture is it 3c?
Congrats on your BC, you look lovely!

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Congrats on your BC, Your hair looks great. Happy Growing!

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