If your hair could talk, what would it say?

Mine would say...

Management (my hair's alter ego. Her name is Sassy) I need full service today! Sunday is your wash day. I need the following: a good pre poo, cleanse, leave in... & don't forget the hot oil treatment you promised me last weekend. Otherwise, I will tangle up on purpose & dare you to man handle me. Hmmph lazy....

Me: I'm sick... And looking for ways to quench your thirst. Patience hefa..

Management: hurry up before I stomp off your head & pout. *rolls eyes while crossing her arms* tick tock.

Me: 5 minute time out. Just for that I'm putting you & an up do.

Management: you can try.

Both of us have an attitude on wash day. Her name is sassy management Humphrey. When happy, she's Sassy but on wash day she becomes her alter ego management. Learning what makes her happy is a trip. I hope I learn her quick. Geez no on told me transitioning would be like this but love sassy anyway.
haha that was great...lollll.
"just for that, im putting you in an updo" ahhahaa

mine goes a bit like this:

me: good morning.... sigh, yeh yeh im getting in the shower.

hair: you have no idea what i have in store for you today...

me: is that a threat or a kind encouragement? im confused...

hair: just give me that hit of moisture or ill do more than confuse you!

me: yes mam! !!!!

hair: aahhh, thats better. you know i love you dont you?

me: .... ... ..... yes?

from there each day turns out different
I think that would help me a lil bit. Sassy is so thirsty especially in the back. All my permed ends are in the front. However, she's still cussing me out for the honey treatment I used yesterday. It made her hard as a rock.
This just isn't working out. ...It might be you.
It was only a sunny smile and little it cost in the giving but like morning light it scattered the night and made the day worth living. - F. Scott Fitzgerald

3B ■ Medium/Course ■ High Porosity
curlicious - lol yeh i put honey in my hair after my shower, left it in for the day with some conditioner..... crunch crunch. could scrunch it out slightly, not much. i do think it may have helped a little anyway. but probably wont do it again lol.
Today my hair would say "please note: no matter how many bobby pins you use, I will still stick out. 😜 Wash me! I'm three days old.... Lazy!"
Today sassy is so happy. I finally got up the nerve to big chop to get rid of the 'pesky permed ends' as she called them. But now she'll have to wait to rid herself of all the color. Although about 90% of the highlights are gone.
Puffs look cute... But can your HAIR line take it? Hmmmm.
Today sassy is so happy that we are going to a natural stylist (the mediator she calls it). We aren't speaking the same language lately. I'm thinking she needs one thing but end up stressing her more. So we're going to a stylist to get us on the same page.

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