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Default If I can't go cone-free, what about low-cone?

I keep a whole list of my hair products in a spreadsheet (it's in my signature!) and I just looked at the ingredients of all my hair products. At least 75% of my hair products contain sulfates and/or silicones!
I actually won a bunch of hair products in a contest last month and realized all of those things contain cones too! (except for the shampoo, but that has sulfates) I have quite a few unopened hair products that I could sell online, or even return to the store if I still have the receipt.

I was wondering if items with cones way down the list of ingredients would not cause much of a problem. Even my Renpure sulfate-free shampoo has amodimethicone, but it's listed as ingredient 27 of 32. What if a product has roughly 30 ingredients and the silicone ingredient is listed as #15 or after? I really don't want to get rid of all my hair products
mostly 2a hair, fine, medium density, low porosity?
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Nearly all my products had 'cones in them. I chucked them. But you have a huge list of products! wow! are you going sulfate free? my understanding....now I could be wrong...is that 'cones are not BAD for your hair...what IS bad, are the sulfates, because they are very crying since they strip your hair of it's natural oils...and it's hard to wash 'cones out unless you use a sulfate, which will lead to build up in your hair! but i believe you can clairify with baking soda/apple cider vinegar to get rid of 'cones too! Maybe wait for someone more knowledgable to reply
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Thinking of trying: Live Clean Argan oil conditioner or Live Clean Bali Oil conditioner....who recommends them?
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I'm no expert but silicones that have peg or ppg are ok because they are water soluble and don't require a sulfate to remove. I have an app on my phone that I absolute love called curl power. It's a weather app for your hair. It tells you what products to use on your hair on any given day. Also, on the products section when you tap on say a Shea moisture conditioner & then tap ingredients you will find a list of ingredients. The list will tell you whether or not the product is sulfate or silicone free. Using this app you can also find protein free products if you are protein sensitive.
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Coco betaine, which is a very common ingredient in low-poos (sulfate-free shampoos) will remove/prevent silicone build up. There are even a few cleansing conditioners with coco betaine available (Curl Junkie Daily Fix and DevaCARE No-Poo are my two favorite). Using silicones does not mean you need to use sulfates as well.
The other thing to keep in mind is that in the end, it's not about following a bunch of hard and fast rules about what you can and can't use in your hair. It's about finding what works for you and what makes your hair look and feel it's best. I've seen the CG method transform hair and give people amazing hair, but I also know just as many people who have amazing hair and do not follow CG at all. I experimented with strict CG for several months, and my hair looked good, but I've also found products that my hair LOVES that don't fall into the CG bucket. And I'm completely ok with that.

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