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Default VO5 Bottles now have less!

I don't know when this started because in some stores the old size and the new one are still sitting side by side. I only noticed recently even though I'd bought a bottle of Kiwi & Lime CO probably a couple of months ago that is at the new size (12.5 oz) and didn't even notice it was smaller although it did seem like I'd used "more" than usual. When I really noticed was when I got a Shea Cashmere a couple of weeks ago and went to add additional melted shea butter to it using my nearly empty old bottle to do part of it there so I could shake it well. Then I saw that almost ALL the new CO was going into the old bottle and there was still space left, so I did a double take. They're cheating us by 2.5 oz. with no warning!!! I thought that was sneaky to say the least...

Although not new, this trend in the U.S. market to shrink products to keep them at the same price, is actually insulting to the consumer, like we're not going to see that we're being duped! I would rather see the price go up a little than the amount of product to be reduced. This practice has become more pervasive maybe in the last 4 years when gas prices have been jerked up. I'm sure that in the past some other companies were able to sneak the shrinkage
past me at first but, generally, I know very well how many ounces of anything I should get, and sometimes if I can switch brands I do it just because the sneakiness makes me mad.

Anyway, enough with the venting, I'm also sharing in case some of you haven't noticed as there's still time to stock up on the old bottles. CVS, for instance, is having it on sale for I think $0.82 (but they used to go as low as $0.69 and I haven't seen that in a loooong while) so if they still have 15 oz. bottles of my staples I'll get me a few.
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Thanks will be picking up some ASAP!

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