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Submitted on Tuesday, March 31st, 2009 by partinggiftx3

What did you learn from the Curly Girl Challenge?
The Curly Girl Challenge has helped me accept my curly hair rather than fight it. Until a few years ago, I have always struggled with my hair. I would constantly straighten it or wear it up, trying to tame the frizz and kinks. I even dyed it, thinking my hair would be shinier and straighter. When I started high school, I tortured my curls and scalp with two thick braids and a head band every single day, hiding what I once thought was impossible to take care of and love. After discovering Naturally Curly and using the Deva Curl line, my opinion of curly hair has completely turned around. I absolutely adore my curls and play them up as much as possible. I used to envy my friends who had perfectly straight hair, but I have come to love what I naturally have. I pity those who ignore their naturally curly hair and strive for some sort of perfection. Perfection can be different for everyone, and achieving curls that I can manage and love is my perfection. Never again will I wish my soft, healthy curls away. Thanks Deva Curl!
How has it changed your hair?
After a week or so of using the Deva Curl No-Poo and Conditioner, I noticed that my hair felt like hair, rather than sticky with product build up. My hair felt super clean, but not striped. I used to think that the squeaky-clean feeling meant that all the oil and product had diminished, but Deva Curl No-Poo showed me that I can have clean hair without the dryness. The No-Poo has even improved my scalp, leaving me with less dandruff than before. After shampooing and conditioning, I use the Deva Curl Angell. Before discovering this product, I always thought that a cream was best for my curls and would get rid of frizz. Boy, was I wrong! This gel has cured my never ending quest for that perfect styling product. Angell helps my hair form ringlets and stick together until it's completely dry. In the morning (I wash at night) my hair is full of ringlets and waves, and I hardly have to do a thing to be ready to go. Plus, even after a full day of school my curls are still full and ready for a night at work. I am amazed at how much these products have changed my life, and I will continue to use them as long as I can. No more peaking through the hair care isle, buying something and tossing it out after I discover it's no better than the last product! 

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