I'm a South African born and raised mom of two, starting her second transition from relaxed to natural hair! God fearing and married to the most wonderful of men. We have recently adopted my late aunts two girls, aged 12 and 7. Our daughters are 9 and 3.

Au we go!

3 years ago

Hi all!Greetings for the shores of South Africa!! Am so excited to be joining this challenge from as far as this.This is my second transition. The last was very successful, maintained it for 4 years. It started falling out since I wasnt clued up on the basic hair care tips. So I relaxed it. Now I'm ready, and this time, it is hopefully forever.It's been a month ( 12/12/2012 the exact date) since I last relaxed my hair. I'm hoping to soon have healthy, strong and long natural locks.Will be updating all the sisters with pics and words on this journey. I have been inspired to go all out by the ...