Am I doing this right???

Am I doing this right???

I am hoping to blog about my experiences as a newbie to the 'natural' hair club. My hair type is 4c ( the roughest and toughest to grow) and so I hope to find some new tips as well as share tips that I learn along the yellow brick road.

What's a blog?

3 years ago

 Today is Tuesday March 26, 2013.    The weather in Portland, OR is a balmy 59 degrees with overcast. Not ideal weather for a girl with type 4c hair. I'd like to be out in my gardens getting them ready for sun, but the weather is just too cold for my liking. I've already spritzed my hair twice today with my homemade spritzer mixture of Aloe Vera Juice with a tbsp. of Grapeseed oil.  I spritzed once before my shower this morning, then once again before lunch. I also apply pure organic coconut oil directly after spritzing. I buy the all natural cold-pressed coconut oil made ...