I recently attended my best friend's wedding. I was humbled to be asked to be her MOH. On accepting that responsibility, I accepted to abide by her rules in order to make her dream wedding a reality. Her wedding was set for early September. I decided after her wedding I'd go completely natural (no extensions, relaxers, weaves etc) She postpones the wedding until this past Sunday. I had been natural for a month. I was loving it! She informed me that I couldnt wear my tresses in their natural state. She suggested I get braids or a full headed weave. I was flabbergasted. I eventually had to purchase a $35 wig that I will never wear again only because she felt having long, silky flowing hair is the epitome of beauty. Not to mention her cousin applied skin bleaching cream to her face prior to applying her makeup. I will leave this alone. I write this because "they" have done a magnificent job in tearing us down emotionally and spiritually. We are inundated  with images from TV, magazines, videos etc with all these images of what beauty should be. In the process we have lost our inner beauty masked by false sense of beauty through weaves and relaxers. I dont knock those who choose this route. However trying to change one's image to fit the standard of another is grossly disturbing. I felt out of body by wearing that wig. She says: you've worn weave your whole life! Now you're pro-natural everything? I said: yes. that was then this is now. We all gotta evolve at some point in life. I dont even think the same way I did 3 years ago!! It's like ending a relationship. You don't go back to it if you know the reasons it ended in the first place.You don't dwell on the coulda woulda shouldas. Just move forward and embrace the new journey your life has taken. Peace, beauty, happiness and fulfillment start from within. Until that happens, the void will always be present...looking for outward means to complete us. Yall be well!