My name is Danak and I am 33 years old. I was born and raised on Long Island, NY. My first recollection of chemicals being used in my hair was when I was 4 years old. My mother grew tired of trying to "manage" my curls that she put a Jheri curl in my hair. Oh the irony! At the time my stylist came to our house to do my hair. Every time my hair would grow she wouldn't trim but CUT it, I hated that! The scent of those chemicals were unbearable. Let's not even talk about the greasy 'Coming to America' residue I'd leave on pillowcases and couches
That process continued until at the age of 12 until she had a chemical relaxer put in my hair. I remember she always used the Optimum Care Super brand. I had a stylist we visited every 2 weeks. Following all the crimps, ponytails, finger waves, weaves, those 'Poetic Justice' braids, asymmetrical looks, needless to say my hair took a colossal beating. My hair fluctuated as often as my weight did. I experienced 2 BC's in my life but both resulted with me getting an S-curl. I've always felt conscious about ever wearing my hair natural. Every female I knew rocked some form of alteration be it wigs, relaxer etc It was frowned upon to wear our hair "nappy" or "kinky". I never knew what it was like to be without a creamy crack or unbeweavable dos'. What a lie and how sad that we were all conditioned to believe such nonsense!

I'd been wearing weaves up until early this summer and relaxed the front of my hair to keep it flat since I had a part in the front. (I'm a work in progress) Afterwards I started wearing cornrows (with extensions). I'd been battling going completely natural for a while. I was to be a MOH at my best friend's wedding earlier this month. I decided I would go all the way natural after the wedding. I took out the braids and went on Youtube. I love viewing and learning from HairCrush and LongHairDontCareLLC vlogs I had no idea there were so many blogsites dedicated to natural hair care! I confess I've become a natural hair stan. I'm still learning, growing and accepting me as a kinky individual. This is just the beginning.Honestly, I have not gone without experiencing doubts, fears, and feeling self-conscious. Ultimately I hope my story inspires one person out there. Peace and abundant blessings to you!