This isn't a brown nosing post but I tried Shea Moisture's 'Curling Souffle' three days ago and let me tell yall that the dryness and frizz that my 4C hair is prone to experiencing is gone. My curls are more defined and have been maintained since applying this magical gel. This will be my go-to staple product to lock in moisture. The scent isn't overpowering. Just be sure to use a smidgeon because it can be greasy and leave a heavy film on your hair. I'm thankful my cousin introduced me to this line and can confidently say I will be a fan for life.

Earlier today one of my homegirls said: your hair looks more tamed!.... I get the point she was trying to make but I couldn't help but think is that what people who view natural hair wearing women and men as? People who need to be "tamed" or "controlled" Mind you she is black and wears a wavy weave and is on the fence concerning whether she should go natural or not. All in all my decision to embrace the natural me has been one of the best decisions I made this year. I look forward to more growth because of this in more ways than one. I hope you feel the same!