I've mentioned in a previous post that 2-strand twist out is my favorite style during this stage of my hair transition. I usually damp my hair and add either the curly smoothie to give it moisture or the curling souffle to give it the look I want. I've been happy with the results so far. I tried them on my hair dry, wore my satin bonnet to bed and today my curls have never looked so defined! I love it! I wore my hair a little differently. I've also noticed that by DC'ing once a week and drinking plenty of water my hair experiences less breakage. For someone whose split hairs would adorn brushes and combs like it was going out of style....this makes me even happier that I chose to go the natural route. Ladies, stick to your guns and stand your ground. It's tempting to want to perm it up and have silky, flowing hair run across your shoulders but it's more freeing to me when a few years down the line I can rock that look without the assistance of chemicals. Say it loud and proud: Natural Girls Are Fierce!