Being natural is completely different from being relaxed. Your hair likes completely different things than before and the way you handle your hair is completely different from handling your kinks and curls. Not only does you practices change in handling your hair your appearance changes. many natural feel good about the change in appearance and some does not. I was one of the naturals who always opt for braids or weaves because I was afraid of what people will think about my kinky TWA.
    After about five months of being natural I finally decided that I am beautiful no matter what. In fact I may be even more beautiful in my natural state because this is what god meant for me to look like. After accepting my thick 4c hair I noticed i took more care of my hair. I was more gentle with my hair, i followed through with short term challenges I made and I also documented things i did. taking care of my hair definitely made my hair grow faster than ever i was definitely getting 1/2 inch a month. overall I feel like when you start accepting who you are and the type of hair you have you will notice a difference in your hair growth, health and lifestyle which will lead to a healthy lifestyle.