"Having reached here i'll say, Its not the destination but the journey i loved." Hair is a woman's best accessory and this is the reason two years back i decided to get the much talked about "big chop". I pledged to never damage my hair again. The journey has been exciting and has demanded a lot. From weekly hair packs with eggs bananas oil to minimal usage of sulphate galore shampoo's, from not colouring my hair to keeping my knowledge about curly hair rituals updated at all times. Thankfully "" has helped a lot in my journey. For a long time i would only visit as a guest and now i'm a member, here to stay and help and learn. I chopped my hair to ear length and i'm happy to say now its reached the middle of my back. Although my hair is far healthier than before, i believe my journey is still on. So much more to learn, so much more to discover. The only problem i have faced is to find that ONE shampoo and conditioner duo from the wide array of shampoo's and conditioners that are launched and advertised every now and then. I've been on a hunt to find a sulphate silcone and paraben free shampoo that hydrates and not strips my hair. Sadly where i live it is hard to find SheaMoisture shampoo's and conditioners and many other brands which i have read and heard positive and even rave reviews about. Having heard so much about SheaMoisture, i believe it would be great to get to try this product so that i get one step closer to finding that ONE shampoo and i believe Shea' will be just THAT. Happy New Year to all curlies :)