So, I finally got 90% of my straight ends cut off! After being natural for almost two years I actually have curls!

Going natural was not planned, I cut and bleached my hair November 2010 and was forced to stop getting relaxers so my hair wouldn't "fall out." I kept my hair straight. Once my hair started to grow I noticed my natural hair was curly so that made me excited about transitioning.  After about 10 months of letting my hair grow, while keeping the short bob cut, I was able to style my hair with the few curls I did have (most of my ends were still straight).  

Envying every curly girl hair I saw and wondering why all my hair was not curling like theirs, I started researching and asking questions about things I could do to help bring my curls back. I found out my ends were staying straight from all the heat I was putting on it. Hearing this, I decided to get a sew-in and dye my hair darker, thinking if my hair was braided for a significant amount of time it would reform back to its curly state; and I didn't want blonde weave.  I kept the sew in for 7 weeks, my hair was able to grow a lot and I notice the curls but unfortunately I had a U-part sew-in so the hair I left out to blend in with the straight weave had lost all its curl pattern. It was bone straight.

June 2012 I declared to not put any heat on my hair and get mini chops every two months to get rid of those straight ends. Those four months were a CHALLENGE. I wore my hair in two flat twists going back into a bun everyday, unless I went somewhere special then I did a bantu knot out. I conditioned my hair more and I put all my flat irons and blow dryers away! So now that majority of my hair is curly (I'll say like a 3A/B), just my front ends (from the U-part) are straight, I am starting my hair growth journey!! My hair was long before I cut it so I am eager to start letting it grow back. :-))

My hair regimen is simple, I do braid outs and pin it up. I haven't tried a wash and go yet(probably because it's getting cold outside). Coconut oil and shea butter are my daily moisturizers. I shampoo with Jane Carter Solutions because it is hair color safe (I still have bleach ends and dye in my hair). Conditioners: Jane Carter, Tresemme Naturals, Trader Joes Nourish Spa, and Organix Moroccan Argan Oil.