I've been a curly girl all all of my life. When I was in 7th grade, I chopped my hair for locks of love. It's taken years to grow it all back.My hair is actually getting curlier,so now I'm trying to achieve the same appearance I once had with new length(:

My grow-out challenge journey(:

3 years ago

   Hey Guys, Wanna Hear My Life Story?         I have always been a curly girl.I was the girl that walked into a salon and was immediately offered a relaxer. I was also the same girl who vehemently refused said relaxer. I argued that who else had hair like me? Why shouldn't I want to be different? In small town Iowa, it was much more encouraged to blend in. I however, wanted none of that.     From childhood to middle school, my hair grew so long that it reached my waist when pulled straight. I decided to donate it to locks ...