Matches Made in Heaven!!! <3

Trial and Hairerror: A Love Story

One Month In: Short Lived Relationships

With just a few days short of my 1 month mark of my big chop, I've certainly gone through trial and error and turned into somewhat of a product junkie :(. But had I not gone through all of the mishaps, I wouldn't have met my match (apply that to life where ever it may suffice for you, not just about hair!). The very first set of products I used was Curls Unleashed for my extremely short cut. At that time (and my hair grows extremely fast),  I just needed something to keep those curls defined because my hair was too short for finger roll coils, or anything else. It was strictly apply product and go! While that did immediately work, I begin to notice that my hair would dry so brutally very quickly and I found myself at a constant with the curl creme and leave-in conditioner DAILY (not a good look)! Of course I had that added shine and definition as it promised, but my hair felt like a pack of ramen noodles. As much as I wanted to love this product, and continue to use it, I had to face reality and break up with it. It was what we call a temporary thrill. 

Second Time Around: Even Shorter Relationship

Once again I'm at square one trying to find a product that shines, defines and moisturizes because Curls Unleashed and I weren't working out after a serious soul search! However, many blogs I read seem to have Cantu products as all the rave! The results, the PRICE= ding ding ding! We have a winner. So once again, I'm jumping out of one relationship into another. I'm back at the beauty supply store picking up the Cantu curl activator as well as the curl creme. This product is very oily so only a dime size amount needs to be used and instantly, it curled my hair. But within an hour or two, it was really hard! I probably dismissed this product too soon, because then I noticed if I finger rolled it twice (once wet, once dry) my hair softened--but my curls looked a few days old on day one--so the shine wasn't there. Alas, our quick love affair was over. Even though it cleaned up its act in the end, it still wasn't enough to make me stay. So I literally, was on the market yet again.

Third Time Is Truly a Charm!

Shea Moisture is no stranger to my hair, as I started using their products about 3/4 years ago when I wanted to refrain from heat for a period of time, but I still wanted that "freedom" to return every now and then. I wasn't ready to commit all the way, but I wanted to return my hair to it's natural state without heat at least for a while. I always loved the shampoo and conditioner. We really didn't have too many problems but I wasn't feeling satisfied quick enough. I didn't realize then that although I've never had a perm, I still was going through a transition (from heat damaged hair) and at the time, the curl milk and smoothie wasn't doing what I wanted it to do as fast or as much as I wanted it to do it. The problem wasn't the product, the problem, was me! How could I enter this new, natural relationship and have so many expectations so fast still carrying dead weight (hair). I didn't want to let go of the past, but expected to be carried into a brand new future ASAP. So, I broke up with Shea Moisture. Remained friends with it every now and then, and returned to heat. I even cut it into a style that was dependent on heat every two weeks thinking this just might be permanent. Everyone else loved it and I did too, so why not? Then one day I saw Mahogany Curls post a picture so plain but so pretty. It reminded me of the parts of my hair Shea Moisture WAS able to heal, and how if I just would've stuck it out longer, much more would've been healed. Needless to say, I knew that while this heat dependent relationship looked good and got big compliments, I needed something to heal from the inside of my follicles and needed to go back---this time with patience and no dead weight. June 25th I big chopped every piece of heat damaged hair and went back to what I knew that never did me wrong, this time much more humbled and patient.

Find a Routine: Staying With It

Since Shea and I aren't strangers I knew what to expect somewhat, but coming back with less mess, more discipline, and patience it has exceeded way beyond what I imagined.  The Curl and Shine Shampoo does just that after every single wash, my hair feels clean, free, and curly. The conditioner is great as a prep for styling (although I don't leave in because I'm afraid of build up), the Curl and Style Milk curls my hair  instantly without leaving it hard and brittle, and the smoothie--true to its name, leaves a smooth, soft finish. This is my routine that leaves my hair feeling and looking beautiful. In addition I had a couple of other products added to my routine:

Shea Moisture Deep Conditioning Masque with heated virgin olive oil: 1 hour under plastic cap/bag (no heat)

Seal curls with coconut oil

Moisturize  scalp with pure olive oil AS NEEDED

EcoStyle Olive Oil Gel to contain edges--VERY LITTLE and as needed

Massage scalp often to keep blood flow for growth

Everyone's "Love" Story Is Different

Now what has worked for me may not necessarily work for the next, but my trial and error helped me find my true love that was there from the beginning that I should've never left! The grass wasn't necessarily greener on the other side, I just needed to water my own. We all have to test the waters, just don't let your ship sail!