My 1st Big Chop-Week 1: What'd You BC?

"How Do You Feel?"

It's been one whole week since I've "big chopped" my hair & it's not the "liberating" or "free" experience I hear so much about just from hair. Perhaps there's more to it; a deeper meaning,

       "Why'd You Do It?"

I've never had chemicals or perms, but I was a hot comb/iron addict,and that is just as bad. I wanted MY hair back.I just feel like I shortened an already short style to make my hair stronger and eventually longer . Oddly enough, it does however go well with other things going on in my life. 

"What is #BC?"

A couple of weeks before my big chop, I resigned from my  position after being an high school English teacher for four years at an inner city school. It was a tough decision to tell my future seniors (I still consider them "my babies") that I won't be there that last year of school next year, but I'm ready to step things up in my career. As much as I absolutely LOVE being an educator, I explained to them just like they're expected to go up every year as a student, I expect to go up every few years as an educator. In addition to my hair, I had to  "big chop" my job so I don't loose site of my career. This big chop was cutting off what may have reached its limit to get new growth. But before my big chop of my hair, before my big chop of my job, I big chopped my "busy" life to get finally get back into school to pursue my Master's degree in education. Now many of my weekends are devoted to maintaining a 4.0 for my May 2015 graduation. 

"Point Of It All" 

I guess in order to get "new growth", I had to step out on faith and cut my "dead hair".