Super Long Term Transitioning

What if I told you that I plan on transitioning for at least 36 months




Super long term transitioners are pretty rare to come by and the only YouTuber that has transitioned for more than 2 years and has documentations of her journey is Alexxxhes! Transitioning itself is definitely a commitment that takes a great deal of patience and definitely a great deal of time! Take this from someone who transitioned short-term and went natural before...if you want length, it's worth the wait! However, there are not that many transitioners who transition long term so I am very curious about the obstacles and difficulty I will have to face once I hit the 2 year mark. Also, as someone who's relaxed ends are damaged from color and is not considerably long, I find it difficult to find versatility in my transitioning styles aside from bun variations and my twisted bantu knot out (because my relaxed ends do not like twists at all) so I am going to run off to braids and twists extensions. For anybody considering transitioning for a long period of time, what's your take on the long term transitioner scene and how do you feel you can prepare yourself for a long time transition without the itch or pressure to big chop before your desired goal?

P.S.: I will have a YouTube video and blog post on my Twisted Bantu Knot Out up next! See you in the next post!