I believe it was December 17,2012 I officially decided to grow out my hair. It just felt time to  do so, and I'm really encouraged to go through with it!

I've had curly 3A/B curls since I can remember and have had it every length possible:

Cascading down to the curve of my lower back, in a cute and curly bob, shoulder length, and every length in between. And now I can check off pixie cuts from that list too. This is Tina. You can't see the full length but at this point about 2010 it was just below my bust line.
This is the bob with relaxed curls, had just washed it so it was still wet. Dry it sprung up to my upper jawline, just below my earlobes. This was 2011.
This is it after 2 or so months, my hair grows pretty fast at least an inch in 2 weeks when I'm on top of my diet and water drinking. The length of my hair here was down by my shoulders. It started getting really dry and frizzy as you can tell here, Tina is doing her thang...whatever that thing is. It stopped growing really after a very very long while. I got trims, did treatments, but nothing happened so i just maintained this length for a while (hated this length)

And finally in August 2012 I went to visit my Aunt in Florida, who just so happens to be a hairdresser, and told her how fed up I was and just wanted to do something drastic! I've always wanted a side cut but it did not look professional since I am involved in work and internships and the like. So I told her to just cut it all off!!! My hair was so dry that even when she drenched it with water it still felt dry!
And so here I am now, 1 inch all around, and almost 2 inches on the front and bottom back, ready to do this thing.

I love my pixie cut, It looks appropriate for my age (I'm 20), it's low maintenance besides the bimonthly trims, I get compliments wherever I's great! BUT as a curly, I miss my curlies. I originally named my hair Tina, as in Tina Turner, because of it's volume. Now she's more of a... Mia. Mia Farrow. You can't tell if I have curly hair naturally because it's so short but I love talking about the good old days when Tina and I would run and bounce around.

I realize that just because you might look great with a certain cut, doesn't mean it's for you personality wise. I'm very bouncy, bubbly, hyper, eccentric to say the least, just like my curls but my short hair, although fabulous looking, is refined and classy. People who first meet me are shocked that I'm so very vibrant and bouncy, whereas people who first met me with curly hair immediately expected that kind of personality.

So here I am starting this journey to become me again. Curlies out there can attest to the bond you create with your hair, like it's another person really that you fight with, love, and go through life with. So I want my Tina back.

I'm quite nervous for many reasons: awkward stages, fear of losing my curls completely, oh and mullets. My hair is starting to get to two inches on the bottom and is curling up....slight onset of a mini mullet. I've researched a bit on how to grow out a pixie cut for a person with my kind of hair but am not finding too many helpful hints on how to keep it maintained while still letting it do its thing. But this is only the beginning so we'll see how this goes!