Confessions of a Kurly Girl

Confessions of a Kurly Girl

This blog will document my journey to happy healthy long curls!

Length Check and updated regimine!

5 years ago

started January 17th 1/17  6 3/4 (after trim)2/17  7 1/2 (3/4 inch growth)3/15  8 1/2 (1 inch growth)I straightened my hair for the first time since this challenge so I could see the growth, my boyfriend asked me if it was a weave. LOL guess that means I am successful in the challenge. My present routine includes:*shampoo/ cleanse every Sunday, with Deep Conditioning treatment*co-wash 2-3 times/ week*alternate protein/ bentonite clay treatment once/ monthmassage scalp every other night with my own mix of essential oils*styling- mostly wash and go's*vitamin intake- biotin 2x/ ...

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