I'm a 42 year young cancer twice survivor. I really want to know what MY hair will look like
natural. I did not educate myself enough. Now I am more patient. I love what natural hair looks like. I am tired of my hair at the crown breaking off. I want to go through this journey. I want to see just how long my hair will grow. I know that it was long with the relaxer and now I want to see what it looks like natural. I have forgotten what it's like to be natural. I will be transitioning. I braid my hair up right now. I am attending Kaplan University at this time. I do
not have time to be worrying with my hair at this point. However, I will be allowing a beautician to keep my hair braided. Then again I do not have to money for that. I will be keeping my hair braided myself. I do good with braiding my hair. I hope to get a lot of tips from everyone. I am a very humble person that loves to learn. I keep myself humble. Life is not promised to anyone. I want to go through this journey with all of you on my side learning and growing together.