Even Sheep grow back their wool.

Even Sheep grow back their wool.

My name is Ceya (or Janey if you wish) I'm 23, and on the second year of my natural hair journey.

The Coils I'd never known... (Why I went natural...)

3 years ago

I can not remember a time when I was NOT relaxed. That's all I knew, everyone in elementary school was relaxed, my mom was relaxed, my friends, my aunts, my grandmother. I never realized that it was okay to not have straight hair. I didn't know the difference between "good hair" or "bad hair", and I honestly believed that it was just what black people did, what we had to do. I thought it was the only way we could do our hair; that the occasional burning, the slight scabbing, temporary bald patches.... I though that was just WHAT WE HAD TO DO..... I'd never known the kinks and coils that were ...