My story is not unlike that of any other transition sister. Girl meets boy, girl falls in love and moves to another city to be with boy. Girl can't find reliable salon to relax hair. Girl decides to relax her own hair. Girl messes up. Girls says "f*ck it". Girl begins new hair journey.

My hair journey has been like the time I decided to become a vegetarian. Me, a lover of all things bacon. I started on a Monday morning with verve and vigor. Stocked up on every non meat item in sight and began throwing out all left over meat products in our home until my loving husband threatened me with divorce. It only lasted for two weeks. Two weeks of gastronomical torture and at the end I hated everything there is to hate about vegetarianism. But now that the anger has subsided I've learned to appreciate and respect the vegetarian lifestyle... from a distance... a great great distance... while eating a dirty bacon cheese burger.

Transitioning has been the same. After making the decision to stop relaxing my hair I didn't change my routine. I washed and blow dryed and flat ironed fortnightly and I used sulfate shampoos and silicones. When my new growth started showing it's beautiful curly self I started watching a few youtube videos on transitioning to get a few tips and ended up attempting the curly girl method... so I quit heat styling... cold turkey.

Queue the madness.

In the span of about 4 months I had spent hundreds of dollars on hair products and styling tools to help me achieve transitioning greatness. And as soon as I started it, I began to hate it. It was a constant battle of wanting to give up and arguing with myself that my hair was getting healthier and I should just stay the course. I bantu knotted and twisted out. I flexi rodded and wash 'n go'd. I fell deeper and deeper into what can only be described as transition depression. I began dreading wash day because it meant 30minutes of finger detangling and raking out handfuls of stupid curly and straight hair that just wouldn't listen to me. Why? Why was I doing this to myself? I hated it! I hated everything about it and the day I started hated myself, I just stopped. I was looking in the mirror ready to do who knows what to my poor hair and I was instantly tired. I grabbed my hair dryer and blow dried my hair straight as I had done all my life. Best decision I'd made in months. Why had I ever stopped? My hair felt great. I felt great. Life made sense again.

This blog is going to tell you about awful cold turkey no heat transitioning story. A tale of excitement, of tears, of frustration and finally... *in my best Mel-Gibson-in-Braveheart voice* ... FREEEEDOOOOM!

I understand it won't be real time blogging, but I remember each harrowing hair faux pas as if it were yesterday and I have the pictures to prove it.

Don't worry, it ends well. I am still transitioning. I refuse to do the big chop because I don't want to lose the length and once all my relaxed ends are cut off we can approach the curly girl method again. The two textures are too distinct from each other to bother with now. At least now I know who my hair is. I know what she likes and what she doesn't. And as with my trip down vegetarian lane, I am happily back to heat styling every two weeks (no flat iron though, I'm not THAT dumb). I have also learned a great deal from not using heat. I'm still not using sulphates; I pre-poo; I do protective styles; I finger detangle; I use a satin pillowcase; I roller set my hair now and most important of all, I respect and love my tresses.

Because that's what it's all about at the end of the day isn't it?... Love and Respect...