Finally Me!!!

Finally Me!!!

My name is Kelsie. I have a 3c hair type and its sandy brown. My hair comes an inch and a half past my collar bone and I have been natural for 3 years now.

My Natural Hair Journey

3 years ago

I have always loved long natural hair. I hated relaxers; they smelled bad and burned...I had very long hair when I was a child, it came to the middle of my back and was VERY thick. But when I was 5 or 6 my mom gave me a relaxer to make it easier for her to do my hair because I had so much of it. The relaxer was cool for a while until I started going swimming around 7 or 8 and the chlorine and sun did MAJOR damage to my hair. From then on it was constantly in a broken down cycle.My 7th grade year I had convinced my mom to let me grow my hair out of a relaxer through braids for the whole year. ...